Participate in 10-day healing and transformation specifically on the topic of inequity and discrimination based on skin tones. Through the guidance of this deep and safe healing modality, you can heal the wounds of your personal stories, ancestral baggage, and heritage traumas still pulling the strings of discord in our society. You will be able to follow the guidance during the sessions or during replay as you will receive access to the full Healing & Transformation course via your inbox. 


You are encouraged to participate LIVE during the date and time announced below and interact with the group and participate in feedback.  Thank you for being the courageous ones, pioneer souls to be willing to dive within to heal ourselves first, so we can ripple the peace, love and appreciation of diversity in the collective.  



Sun. June 7, 11am PST-2pm EST.

Mon. June 8, 6pm PST-9pm EST.

Tues.June 9, 6pm PST - 9pm EST.

Wed. June 10, 6pm PST - 9pm EST.

Thurs. June 11, 6pm PST - 9pm EST.

Fri. June 12, 6pm PST - 9pm EST.

Sat. June 13, 11am PST - 2pm EST.

Sun. June 14, 11am PST - 2pm EST.

Mon. June 15, 6pm PST - 9pm EST.

Tues. June 16, 6pm PST - 9pm EST.



10-Day Racial Healing Action

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