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An opportunity to experience a life's direction accelerated unequaled transformation program that would allow you to not only find the callings your soul, but also learn to unravel the inner barriers preventing you from expressing and manifesting your Greatness in the world.

In this program, You will gain the CLARITY and the CERTITUDE you are looking for, precisely. You will be creating a map to your zone of Greatness and be able to start walking it. You will benefit from an increase sense of CONFIDENCE on your life's journey.

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It doesn't matter where you are in your life right now...If you have a desire that comes from within that you could be something more... You are probably right and let me share with you a powerful secret...

Secret: There is no desire that stems from anyone who are not able to fulfill it.

What Is Your True Calling?  You will get start doing from the place aligned with your core with the best tools I met on my path. The process is simple, extremely revealing and you will be guided through every step of the way, with tools that would blow your mind away... well, not too far, because we gonna need it! ;)

Let me guide you... because it is not easy to figure it out all on your own!

Trust me on this. Until you get the certitude, it is very hard to walk the path of trusting your soul alone. Most people are not even close to be clear on what they are here to do, their mission or if you don't believe in such thing, at least to do what you would love to do the best. To get ahead, you'll need the certitude and once you have it, here what you will be facing:

A scary path, because it is in an unknown zone, so your beautiful mind is preventing you from moving forward. It is just doing his job, to keep you safe, those are natural defense mecanisms that you'll have to recognize in other to not being caught in them, like a spider web. 


Then also, you'll have to bring to surface your unsupportive beliefs systems that is hidding deep down into your subconscious mind. These also will stop you from reaching the level of happiness and success that you are dreaming about and could see yourself being so happy and feeling accomplished. This is like walking blindfolded and hitting walls. Unless, you are an extremely lucky one person without any negative belief, and you were born with amazing conscious parents who raised you in a positive rewarding mentality, and encouraging your creativity.

And then, all the while, you also need to put out the necessary efforts that needs to be done to achieve your goals, because obviously, even if you wish it intensely... nothing is going to manifest if you don't put enough attention to make it happen, and beware of all the distractions. You will have to put in place all the success tips you can read everywhere, time management, focus, energy vitality, balance to keep you talkable around other. to achieve what you truly desire. I call this just walking a successful satisfying life.

Walking the path of our soul is a HUGE accomplishment in this life, it is not an easy path and getting clarity with generations of mind's survival mode is asking us to be vigilant with mindfulness.

Although it could be challenging journey, the seed is already in YOU, like a bud is meant to rise and become a beautiful flower. You are meant to be what your soul have in store for you, and only YOU can hear its voice, see its visions or feel its yearnings.

¨ The most two important days in someone's life are the day you were born and the day you discover why.¨   - Mark Twain.

The first two modules of the course will address this exact question of the ¨What¨ and bringing certitude, so you can start moving into that direction. Maybe for the first time in your life, you will know from within what you are meant to be or do in this lifetime, for now anyway, which is a good starting point.

Tap into deep sources of energy within you, accomplish more in less time, because when you are clear and experience a profound sense of clarity about what you really want, then, you become unstoppable to achieve your goals.

This space is offering the opportunity of a deeper reflection, an experience within to find out with clarity and certainty what you are longing for, giving the gift of confidence to walk your unique path towards happiness.

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This program is not only giving you a clear sense of what you came here for, but will also give you the tools to move forward and show you how to deal with the obstacles that would inevitably show up on any path. When you know from deep within your heart that you are on your true path, you will find the motivation and the strength to surpass them.


which is most of the time, what is going on between our own ears. We are our own enemy when it comes to trust our heart and soul. We have generations of conditioning to have us run in the opposite direction. We got to learn to undo, so we can be free to run our life deliberately.

You will be guided to also expand that vision and open the path, so it will become even more clear taking in consideration where you are on that path now. It is a beautiful process that gives a lot of reassurance and confidence in our decisions to move forward.

What is also amazing, if you will never find yourself lost again, because once you learn how to do this process, you can do it anytime thereafter. You will have the tools and would be able to do it on your own.

I have been using this technique many times over, and it is surprising how little my (whats) have been changing overtime, it is true to the core.

I have been teaching this process since 2009 in Quebec, Canada and now I'm offering it online. Since the initial deliveries, I became an expert to deal with obstacles and inner blockages in an immediate fashion, so I upgraded my teaching to show you how to deal with the barriers with love and compassion, in order to get to your self-realization goals.

So, Manon where is the good news?

Good question. You can give up, but most likely, it will keep bothering you. Paraphrasing one of my favorite author: ¨ Nothing gonna stop a soul from wanting what it wants.¨ So, giving up is not the answer.


The Answer is LOVE.

Cliché! Surprised? Not really. How much Love are you willing to give your Self? Meaning RECEIVE.  To give yourself what you truly want? This is called Walking the Path of Self-Love, dear Conscious Beeings. In my own dictionary, it is the best path to walk on.

First thing first. You need to know the ¨WHATs¨. Then, we can figure out the ¨HOWs¨. Doing it backward, doesn't work. I'll walk you thru the process anyway. And if you are still asking your self ¨Whys¨ You're not going anywhere for a while, so better quit that habit, it will not be tolerate in my course anyway. lol (I'm joking).

Your soul is wanting what it wants because by walking the path to satisfy it, like a thread, you will be undoing everything that is preventing you from giving it to it. That is why the journey is the destination after all, but you still have to find the right direction. Are you following me?

You heard the saying: the path to Love is to remove all the obstacles to it. This is it! But you got to put some sweat into it too. Fun! You're in luck, because I was busy Beeing (busy like a bee on being) on it for the last 15 years. Now, it is time for me to get out of my coccon and bring the treasure to you in a language you can understand, hopefully.


There's not much peace in this. Because your soul is seeking for all the troubles I mentioned above to surpass all of them, to become aware and the reward is to walk that path. The first challenge is to find out what it really want. Are you able to listen to it? Are you ready to walk the path? By doing this program, you will be on track, and just being on track is such a rewarding precious gift.

This program is a good fit for you if:

program Overview


You find yourself in a constant state of soul searching. You feel lost in life.


You have insights, but the lack of clarity and certainty keeps you from moving forward and from fully engaging your Self in a specific direction.

Having too many possibilities and not knowing which one(s) are best.


You are a great achiever; you have success with projects, but your accomplishments are not aligned with your core, heart and soul. You want something more connected to your heart.


You don't prioritize your Self. You spend your schedule around the needs of others and you are left off without no energy or time for your own aspirations.


You are feeling stuck unable to step forward in a particular direction as doubts are winning you over and are blurring the inspiring vision you once had.

When you attempt to step forward towards your dreams, your mind is spinning with thoughts generated by fears and other obstacles.


Being at a turning point in your life, at home or at work, or both, and seeking new goals.


• You find your Self depressed by looking in the past or anxious by looking into the future.


You try a few steps in a certain direction, but when encountering obstacles you fall back into indecisiveness spending more time debating than accomplishing.


You been living you life by getting things done, without any connection to enjoyment of fulfillment.

You're been trying on your own to walk this process of clarity, without too much success if any. 


Looking for a boost of inspiration, to be able to view the big picture again, to renew strength to persevere towards specific projects, or life in general.

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Q & A



Personal Life's Clarity Assessment

A.  I feel CLEAR about my purpose in my life. 


      I feel clueless about my mission on Earth.

B.   I am able to list my top 5 most important priorities in my life in less than a minute.


      Finding my priorities in my life is a process in which I lose myself. 

C.  I’m responsible for the life I create. 


      Life happens to me, I'm certainly not the creator of That!